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Designing a website is a collaborative process, a great site is one that is an ever-evolving, always developing creation that needs love and attention.

I don’t believe in flashing banners or glitzy logos.  Websites should be easy to read, easy to navigate, and, most importantly, provide the information the reader is looking for in a clear, concise manner.

I personally design every theme myself and do not rely on “off the shelf” designs.  Whilst there are some brilliant ready-made themes available, too often people have to bend their ideas to fit a design.  I like to work closely with the customer to establish the look they are going for and how they would like to engage and inform their site visitors.  I then design the site with a unique custom-built theme in close consultation to ensure the client is happy with the finished result.

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I am based in Zambia and have a very good understanding of the challenges faced by businesses trying to grow and learn in a rapidly developing tech world. So much to do, so little time. I have been involved with computers, software, teaching, and support for over 30 years and in web design for two thirds of that.  I know that in this field no single person knows it all and everyone is constantly learning. It is a very exciting field to be in!

The first programming language I learned was BASIC on an Apple IIe way back in the days of 5-inch floppy drives. I have since gone on to study a number of other languages including C++ and Java.
I have a BSc It ComSci (software stream), a diploma in Web Design and I am a certified WordPress Template Designer. I started designing websites in the old days and have extensive experience in Html and Css, I continue to learn and grow.



Information must be easy to find



The layout must be easy to navigate



The content must be informative

Web Design

Simple Design

I design websites from scratch or I help redesign sites that just need a bit of tender loving care. All designs are responsive for optimum viewing on any device.

Hosting, Maintenance, Support


I can organise your site hosting with a reliable host so that you do not need to worry.  Hosting accounts, domain name fees, all part of the annual hosting fee.


For an annual fee I will maintain your site, making sure everything is kept updated and as secure as possible.  I send out a monthly visitors statistics report.  All you need to do is provide me with information updates and let me know if you would like to make and changes to your site.


If you would like to add content yourself we can work together to ensure that you have the access and support you need.

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